Spicy and Citrussy Potatoes with Napa Cabbage – Meatless Monday Recipe

CitrussyCurriedPotatoesI love potlucks. You love potlucks. We ALL love potlucks. Especially when they’re VEGAN!

Yesterday I took part of a Vegan Potluck/ Picnic hosted at Park Spoor Noord here in Antwerp – What a feast! If there’s something I adore about potlucks is the amount and variety of food we tend to end up with. You can basically go for like three rounds, take a breather, go for a fourth and there will still be food left. Everyone puts effort into making something special to share, you can just feel the love and I can’t get enough of it~

These are also a great opportunity to try out new recipes, get creative and have a crowd to do the tasting – and so I grabbed my chance and went for it.

Samosas. I’ve been craving them for a while now, not so much the pastry but the filling, that spicy, flavorful potato filling, it had to be mine. Source of inspiration sorted, I gathered my ingredients and got to work – fingers crossed that the potluck crowd would like my creation.


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Power-packed Green Smoothie – Becoming a Leafy Lover

In my line of work there’s no specific lunchtime, simply put: when you are having lunch, I’m the one serving it, which means my break gets pushed to a later hour in the day. So far, what I’ve been doing to keep myself fueled until my food break, is have a power-packed smoothie in between. It’s… 

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Casqueando Ando – The Perfect Foodie Morning Stroll (@ Panama)

Happy Easter, everyone! Felices Pascuas~ Yesterday I took part at one of the coziest Easter brunches ever, what a joy! To share with the rest, I made what’s quickly becoming my signature tofu scramble and that alone brought back memories from the first time I ever ate one. This memorable event took place last February, back in Panama, at… 

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Foodie in Panama – Week 1: Fruits and Veggies Paradise + #PanamáVegano

Saludos desde Panamá! Pues sí, lads and gents, I happen to be blogging under the bright sun back in homeland: Panamá. I’m thrilled to be here catching up with family and friends, and feeling blessed to have the opportunity of experiencing this beautiful culture once more. Of course, my Foodie in Panama posts could not… 

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Foodie Reads: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

A couple days ago while going through my feed, I came across a tweet stating the following: “The biggest thing you can do for a book you loved is to tell other folks to read it. Online or in person…” (Follow: @saladinahmed – Fiction writer). This was a perfectly-timed reminder because I’d been meaning to do… 

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