Foodie in Panama – Week 1: Fruits and Veggies Paradise + #PanamáVegano

week1coconutSaludos desde Panamá!

Pues sí, lads and gents, I happen to be blogging under the bright sun back in homeland: Panamá. I’m thrilled to be here catching up with family and friends, and feeling blessed to have the opportunity of experiencing this beautiful culture once more.

Of course, my Foodie in Panama posts could not miss, so here I am, prepping my first couple stories about what this food-lover-back-home is experiencing. Buckle up!

First week in Panama and I already put myself to work.
Mandatory stop: Mercado Público San Felipe Neri.
Located in the outsides of the Casco Viejo, Panama City’s old town area, this is a permanent farmer’s market and THE place to buy the freshest fruits and vegetables for the most affordable prices. Eat local! It doesn’t get any better than this. Panama is so rich crops-wise, there’s always a new fruit or vegetable to discover when I return…. 

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Foodie Reads: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

A couple days ago while going through my feed, I came across a tweet stating the following: “The biggest thing you can do for a book you loved is to tell other folks to read it. Online or in person…” (Follow: @saladinahmed – Fiction writer). This was a perfectly-timed reminder because I’d been meaning to do… 

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(Vegan – Gluten Free) Banana Nutmeg Waffles

I’m starting to realize that I’m more of a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast. It’s mostly on weekends that I have time to prepare something special and I always find myself leaning towards a sweet morning. One thing’s for sure: a self-made iced latte is always part of the formula – is what… 

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Surprise, surprise! After probably the longest hiatus ever in my blogging history, I’m back and with a crisp new look to account for! Believe me when I say I’ve missed blogging, ranting about food and sharing my recipes oh-so-much, but last month I decided to get down and dirty with some amazing people and finally… 

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(Vegan) Pear Sauce Apricot Scones

This month, in collaboration with AEG Belgium, I’ve been testing one of their newest blenders: the SB7300S from the 7 Series. This is the first time I get to play with such a fancy blender; my mind was blown the first time I used it and my smoothie was ready within seconds, so powerful is… 

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