Foodie Reads: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life

bookreview2A couple days ago while going through my feed, I came across a tweet┬ástating the following: “The biggest thing you can do for a book you loved is to tell other folks to read it. Online or in person…” (Follow: @saladinahmed – Fiction writer).
This was a perfectly-timed reminder because I’d been meaning to do this book recommendation for quite some time now.

On this blog I tend to mainly focus on healthy recipes and following a good diet, but I like to think that the key to a joyous lifestyle is a combination of, not only physical, but also mental well-being.

My recommendation for today is the book: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life. I just had to look at the title to know this was a read I would most likely enjoy and I was not disappointed. It perfectly combines those two aspects: the concrete science behind the benefits of an adequate nutrition combined with enough physical activity + the harmonious state when the mind is at ease and our thoughts are in balance…. 

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(Vegan – Gluten Free) Banana Nutmeg Waffles

I’m starting to realize that I’m more of a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast. It’s mostly on weekends that I have time to prepare something special and I always find myself leaning towards a sweet morning. One thing’s for sure: a self-made iced latte is always part of the formula – is what… 

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Surprise, surprise! After probably the longest hiatus ever in my blogging history, I’m back and with a crisp new look to account for! Believe me when I say I’ve missed blogging, ranting about food and sharing my recipes oh-so-much, but last month I decided to get down and dirty with some amazing people and finally… 

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(Vegan) Pear Sauce Apricot Scones

This month, in collaboration with AEG Belgium, I’ve been testing one of their newest blenders: the SB7300S from the 7 Series. This is the first time I get to play with such a fancy blender; my mind was blown the first time I used it and my smoothie was ready within seconds, so powerful is… 

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Carrot Amaranth Patties – Meatless Monday Recipe

I know how I keep saying that the best vegetarian/ vegan home-made patties are made out of beans but this time I wanted to try out something different and use a vegetable as the main ingredient. Carrot was the chosen one; I added some amaranth (highly nutritional seeds) not only as a binding element but… 

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